Rofin Easy Jewel Series – The Compact Laser Engraving System

The new EasyJewel with ‘Enhanced Mode’ has been especially designed for circumferential seamless designs and large components requiring homogeneous surfaces. The majority of materials used in the jewelry industry including precious metals, alloys, polymers and ceramics can be processed. The rugged construction and ease of operation are benefi cial for any jeweler: clamping the rings for internal or external marking with the laser is unrivalled.

A new feature is the Dynamic Foot Switch:

  • RMM – Ring Marking Module
  • large workplace
  • easy setup and use
  • OTF – perfect deep engraving on rings
  • marking assistant





ROFIN developed the marking software VLM (Visual Laser Marker) which provides various possibilities for laser marking.

  • available with CAD-extension (VLM version 5.0 and higher)
  • easy design of layout
  • import of graphics and files
  • laser parameters can easily be set
  • connection to data bases
  • the taylor-made EasyGUI user surface offers direct access to selected functions for a fast realization of a wide range of marking applications.

Promotion Video Rofin Easy Jewel



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