The CF series of disc finishing machines can be used for any application that requires a perfect surface finish to be achieved in a very short time for a variety of work pieces such as line cutting, turning, milling and stamping tools, jewelry, etc. Disc finishing machines are modular in design and available as standard with 1 – 6 process drums. All controls are accessible from the front and clearly laid out. Many years of experience have gone into the development of these machines, which is why they are so popular with our customers.


  • Very easy to operate. Speed, processing time, water/compound concentration, rinse cycles and all other main processes parameters can easily be set by means of the user-friendly Siemens touch screen control panel and up 75 different processing programs can be stored.
  • Absolutely reliable. The use of only top-quality materials and components throughout ensures trouble-free operation and a long service life.
  • Extremely cost-effective. Comparatively low capital investment and a high potential for cost savings make the CF series excellent value for money.
  • Perfect results. Deburring, smoothing, grinding and polishing – the entire range of applications with just one machine.




The new range of CF Element machines stands for high performance and ease of use. Its top-quality steel frame makes the CF Element very stable and quiet in operation.




  • Outstanding value for money. This machine is based on the reliable and proven technology of the CF series. The CF Element series with its robust process drum, is therefore very reliable and extremely cost effective.
  • For wet and dry applications. The CF Element version is available for both wet and dry finishing of work pieces.
  • Clear display. Detailed information on the processing cycle, elapsed time and speed is shown on the display panel.
For the wet finishing of very fine work pieces. The gap between the rotating disc and the stationary drum can be reduced to zero. This enables very fine grain abrasive media such as quartz to be used and prevents any work pieces from becoming lodged in the gap.

With this system, the gap can be set to an accuracy of 0.05 mm since it is formed by using two ceramic rings made of SIC. this technology is best suited to dry finishing since it enables best results to be obtained by using very fine polishing granulates.

This standard system from OTEC is suitable for the most common applications in wet finishing. The cermic/polyurethan combination prevents any work pieces from becoming lodged in the gap area, making the process very reliable and reducing maintenance requirements.



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