Tilting Furnaces for Ingot- & Shell Mould Casting

The TF series tilting furnaces are equipped with 32-bit induction generators providing 15-60 kW output power (depending on which version of the furnace). Low frequency tuning means excellent through-mixing of the molten material. All versions are controlled via a console with a LCD display (full text readout). Efficient thermal insulation and electromagnetic shielding ensure a high level of effectivness. These machines are designed for:

  • melting large quantities like antique gold or manufacturing¬†residues like casting waste, scrap or swarf
  • recycling sector
  • casting large casting parts into shellcasting moulds



Promotion Video TF12000 Tilting Furnace


New & Highly Cost-Effective

The new “small” TFs (TF1200-TF4000) have been developed with the focus on least possible energy consumption and safe/ergonomic handling. Offering the same maximum outputs like before, the effective power consumption now has dropped significantly – on a level where competitor machines cannot go with.

The Giants Among Tilting Furnaces

The large crucible volumes between 6000 Р 12000 ccm (TF6000 & TF12000) give these machines enormous capacity. Because of the potentially large weight, the inductor/crucible unit uses a motor drive with a stable shaft. The use of a joystick enables the tilting process in a controlled and sensitive way.




TF2000C & TF4000C – High Temperature TFs

This melting furnace has been particularly designed to melt large quantities of steel or other metals with a high melting point. The strong induction generator and low induction frequency means very good mixing of the metal can be achieved. The main areas of applications are:

  • casting voluminous parts such as sculptures (also sand casting)
  • purification melting of waste
  • casting of ingots
  • casting of solid rollers









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