ProTech Transfer has the policy, to give a customer the opportunity to upgrade machinery capacities if needed – therefore we buy back machines, which are not suitable anymore for our customers. After a general check up and / or refurbishing  (if necessary), we offer frequently 2nd hand machinery to companies with a tighter budget or just customers who are looking for a bargain.

At the moment, we can offer following machinery:



Indutherm Burnout Furnace AK-20 (inner dimension: 300x300x200mm)















OTEC CF 2×18 (wet/dry) Disc Finishing Machine (Showroom Device / not 2nd hand)





























OTEC CF 1×9 (wet) Disc Finishing Machine (showroom device)




























OTEC ECO Maxi (wet/dry) Disc Finishing Machine (showroom device)



















Indutherm MUV400 melting unit with flask chamber



























Indutherm VC400 vacuum casting machine (2nd hand / refurbished)































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